we have more than 300 stones in  stock , it is available for delivery in approximately 4 weeks  ,  if we do not have it in stock ,  The delivery time of the stone is approximately 12-16 weeks,. The stone is manufactured handmade in India and  sent to Estonia for  text and decoration  and then we send or install in cemetery as require. Stones they are handmade, the appearance differ 10 to 15 %  as photo in the website .

If we make stone in our factory in India you always get a picture of the stone for approval before we send stone to Estonia for text  and decoration . after we make stone ready with text and decoration we will send you photo for confirmation ..

What does it cost?

The price on the website of the stone is what counts. It also includes the text and if you want a Decoration , such as flowers, birds, angels, etc., their choice is possible.

If you want a Human picture so we can also make in extra cost .

Allowed stone size in cemetery 

Regarding grave context  you should check with cemetery that  which size stone  you may have allowed , there are also different requirements depending on the type of grave site of your choice. After the size is determined,  you can select stone from our website or you can inform us any desire stone as you wish , we will make according to your requirement .

Shipping Fees

The shipping fee for the stone is really what will be approximately , it costs  starts from 800 NOK  OR 100 Euros  depends on size and weight please check in website each product have different  shipping fees , -, it runs mostly via DHL directly to the cemetery or wherever you want.

Text and decor:

We can make a sample / suggestions if we are told:

Name, birth date, death date, the decor you want, possibly if you want a picture. And any other desires we try to do what you want. Preferred subtitle average is also good to know, please see some options on our website that are on different stones. Copy the link to the stone you feel would be appropriate subtitle for your particular stone. Or if you have something of their own proposals.


Please  check with cemetery  if they install stone and grave border by them self  ..if they do not do it we can do in small fee ,  depending on where in the country and how it should be done.


Before the stone into production, when ordering, you need at least half of the stone to be paid and you can then pay the balance after seeing the stone in the cemetery or before delivery . You get a Invoice  so you can see how to pay, if it is difficult for you to use internet banking ,  so  contact your bank , they will help you with that.

We have also card payment option in our website

Please contact us if you have any questions


Yours sincerely



+ 46722687780 ( Sweden )

+ 372 56995799 ( Estonia )